You Learn As You Go

San Fran and Glass Beach

Next stop was San Francisco and Glass Beach. Since we have been to San Fran before we just stopped to stretch our legs and eat some chowder from a bread bowl and headed to Glass Beach. Glass Beach use to be a dumping ground for trash. Now all of that trash has been weathered and eroded and the beach is covered with little sea glass pieces. It is really pretty.



Today is Lydia’s birthday and we had planned to going to Pfiffer Big Sur State Park for the day, but there was a landslide and the road to get there was blocked. So we had to change plans and I’m not sad that we did. We ended up spending the majority of the day at Carpinteria Bluffs Nature Preserve and Point Lobos State Natural Preserve. At Carpinteria Lydia ended up getting a piggy back up and down the trail because she was scared of the 5 million lizards darting across the trail. I was scared too, but I didn’t get a piggy back. Haha. She is the birthday girl after all. It was a pretty little lookout. Point Lobos though is where it’s at! This place was breathtaking! We got to watch mama and and baby harbor seals basking in the sun and dipping in and out of the ocean. They were precious and our little animal lover, Lydia, could not get enough of them. The beaches and views were spectacular.



Happy Birthday, Lydia!

Happy birthday to my favorite girl in the world! You make me so happy! You bring so much joy to our family and we love you so much. I admire your carelessness and your love for everyone and everything. You are kind and thoughtful. You are obedient and considerate. You make me want to be a better person. I hope you always know how great you are and how much you are loved. I hope you had the best day! We adore you!

Before we left for our summer trip, Nanny took her to American Girl. Our favorite!

Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier

Today we visited Venice Canal District, Venice Beach, and Santa Monica Pier. I love walking up and down the canal streets behind the lovely homes that line the canals. It is beautiful! And Jared was a trooper and carried my purse all day because I forgot to leave it in the car. Santa Monica Pier was iconic and fun too. We love exploring new places together.



When we knew that there would be another Mueggler family reunion at the coast this year we were super excited. Maybe a little too excited because we planned quite the summer trip. We mapped out a two week trip from L.A. to Seattle. We flew into L.A. and spent the first two days in L.A. It was hot and dry and we needed all the water! I loved walking down Rodeo Drive and hiking to see the Hollywood sign. The kids loved the Griffeth Observatory.


Happy Birthday, Liam

Happiest of Birthdays, Baby Boy! I hope you had the best day ever! You are such a joy. You keep us laughing. You are sweet and funny. You are kind and sensitive. You make me so happy. I hope you always know how much we love you. Happy 7th birthday!

Swim Team

Lydia and Liam did swim team this summer. I am so impressed with the improvements they have both made. They have practice every week day and meets once a week. It has kept us really busy. Liam was super nervous at first and cried his whole first swim meet, but by the end of the season he was meditating before his first swim and kicking butt! Once he got over his fear, he was amazing! Lydia became a much stronger swimmer too. They both got most improved in their age group!  I think all-in-all they enjoyed it.


We had a really bad storm come through and Lydia noticed a little bird stuck in the mud under our tree. He must have fallen out of a nest in our tree during the storm. Lydia was really concerned about him and she went out and saved him. She scooped him up in a shoe box and we put him in the garage. She kept checking on him and one time she went out there he was not in the box anymore. We opened the garage and let the little bird fly away.