We were so excited to have Uncles Jeremy and Chris home for Christmas Eve. Both kids were obsessed with them. Lydia dressed up as Mary and Liam as Joseph for the family program. Too cute. Jeremy serenaded us with some sweet recorder skills. Chris read book after book to them. Lydia and Liam made bread with Gammy and they helped Grandpa beat a drum and play violin. Thanks Erni’s! It was fun! 


We went to Back to Bethlehem again and it was even better this year. We love seeing and experiencing what it must have really been like then. The live nativity was beautiful. Liam loved the baby sheep and the two of them “baaed” at each other throughout the whole nativity performance.  The kids got to make clay pots, play  games, taste food, help a blacksmith, help a carpenter, read a scroll, and pay their taxes so the Roman soldiers did not take them away. Thanks mom and dad for going with us! 


Happy Birthday Nanny! Hope you liked your party at the “fire place”! We celebrated both Christmas babies birthdays at Kani House. How did I not get a picture of Phil in that awesome hat? Next year, Phil, next year.