So Jared was pulling out of our neighborhood to meet the kids and me for our weekly Taco Tuesday when he almost hit a bear. A BEAR. We do not live in the wilderness. There should be no bears around us. He called to report it since we live in a really populated area. Then he called to tell me. Which now he regrets. IT WAS A BEAR! He is all “it is more scared of you then you are of it”. Um. . . no. I do not buy that phoney baloney. I have already thought of 10 ways this said bear might eat one of the children or me. So I cancelled our nightly walks around the neighborhood for a while. I walk out onto the porch each morning and peek out to see if it is there, as if it is waiting to pounce or something. Ridiculous? Perhaps. It was a bear! 


Liam says wiener now. I cannot help it. I think it is the cutest and funniest thing ever. I love to hear him say it. So now my 18 month old says wiener and butt-butt. Awesome. When I was a kid, both of those were “bad words”.  Have times changed or am I just crazy? Am I too lax with stuff like this? Oh the decisions we have to make as parents.  Not only do I think it is funny, I sometimes encourage it. “Say wiener, Liam.”  “Where is your butt-butt, Liam?” I am a good mom. I am a good mom. 


Lydia made this nativity and “wrote” a letter to Urgrossmutti. I love her drawing. She now draws bodies. Bodies with bellybuttons. Because we all walk around with our bellybuttons hanging out, And check out the fingers and toes. Haha. And she tells a pretty sweet story of the first Christmas.