Day 2- I get crapped on at Sea World. Let me clarify. Lots of ocean animals means lots of obnoxious birds means someone is getting pooped on! I was the lucky winner today! Other than that and the cold front that moved though while we were there (hello, we go to FL for a reason), it was awesome! The shows were amazing and the kids loved seeing all of the animals. And Sea World had a LIVE ELMO show. Liam was in heaven. He watched the whole thing with his mouth gaping open, clapping in slow motion.  And we got to see the beluga whales do more than we ever needed to see beluga whales do. That show was not PG, y’all! 


Day 1- Magic Kingdom. It would be a lot more magic if there were not so many dang people there. I don’t know how anyone can stand going at a peek time! Despite the crowd, it really was so much fun! It is so fun to see the kids light up and enjoy every little thing. 

We were going to ride the shuttle that the hotel provided to the park, but we missed it when Daddy ran back into the room to get his sunglasses. Well I am 99% sure he did not run, he slowly strolled back up there waiting on the slow-as-molasses elevator and then gally-lagged back down. So, irritated Mommy ended up driving us there, which ended up being better anyway. I am not a fan of being tied to their shuttle schedule anyway.

Getting into the park is an adventure in and of itself! We asked Lydia if she wanted to ride the monorail or the ferry boat to get into the park. “Ferry boat, ferry boat, FERRY BOAT!!!!!” she exclaimed. So we got on the ferry boat. After a few minutes L looked at my mom and said “All I see are humans.” “What?” Nana asked her. “All I see are humans. Where are all the FAIRES????” Those dang homonyms. We had to explain to her what a ferry boat is. That was one disappointed girl. Had her heart all set to ride with the fairies!

Our favorite was seeing them meet the characters. They would hug them and Lydia would always rub Liam’s back or back up and let him have a turn. So dang sweet. Of course meeting Tink was L’s favorite since she is obsessed with her right now. But she has asked me several times a day since why Tink was ‘human sized’ or why she was ‘too big’. Fail on Disney’s part there I guess.

Lydia is now obsessed with roller coasters. She rode everything that she was tall enough to. We were riding one coaster that went pretty fast for a 3 year old. She and Jared were sitting in front of me. I was freaking out a little yelling to Jared to hold on to her tight and stuff like that. I could hear her screaming. Little did I know she was screaming “this is so awesome Daddy! I love this! I have always wanted to do this!” with her hands in the air the whole time! Silly, worried Mommy! 


We spent Valentine’s Day driving to Disney. Best V-Day gift ever! We had so much fun! Jared and I took the kids and my parents for a long weekend trip. What a blast!The hotel’s heated salt water pool was almost as soothing as the hot tub and we spent some fun time there swimming and relaxing. The whole trip was a blast! Can’t wait to do it again! 


Liam is the worst sleeper ever! The little bugga takes after me and wakes up several times a night. Last night we got home a little late and he was asleep. Jared carried him up and laid him down. He was out! A few minutes later Lydia was over by him. She woke him up! We were extremely irritated. I brought her downstairs and Jared tried to get him back to sleep. When we came down the stairs Lydia grabbed my hand and said to me “Mommy, I am really sorry. I did not mean to wake him up. I just wanted to see his little sweet face and pet his little sweet head.” How in the world can you be mad at that?!?!?! I love how she wanted to pet his little sweet head, like he is a puppy or something. Haha!