Annual Easter Egg Coloring at Nana and Papa’s
Lydia loved it. Liam ate more than he dyed. Daddy made his usual eyeball eggs. 


As we were leaving a restaurant today I was acting silly with Lydia. Our conversation then turned and went something like this. . .

L-Mom you are being so obnoxious!

S- What?!?!?

J-Lydia, you have a big, sassy mouth.

L- What did Daddy say?

S-He said you have a big sassy mouth.

L-What a dork!

I am a little bit worried that her mouth is going to get her in trouble one day, but Jared assures me that she is smart enough to know when and with whom she can be sassy. She really only talks to us and Nanny that way. Let’s hope he is right. 


Liam has learned to snap his fingers correctly. He can snap his fingers on both hands. He does it all day everyday asking “Hear it? Hear it? Hear it?”  Yes, buddy. We have heard it all day, every day for weeks. We’ve got it. We are proud of you. Let’s move on. He even snaps his fingers in his sleep! 


Three reasons that we might get kicked out of our favorite Asian Bistro soon.

1. I took my mom there for lunch this summer. With the kids. During nap time. What is wrong with me? It was a disaster, including Liam throwing the huge soy sauce glass bottle across the room. It shattered into pieces and left a huge dark stain on the gorgeous all-natural wood floor. And then we spilled a beverage. Yeah, they were loving us that day. I did get on the floor to help clean it all up and tipped exceptionally well, but I know they were talking about us for days. Sigh.

2. A few weeks ago we ordered take out and never picked it up. Oops. We didn’t mean to. It was an accident. (in my best Sebastian voice!)

3. And we went there for dinner tonight. The weather was so nice we sat on the patio. The kids questioned why we would not let them ‘run around’ since we were outside. They did not grasp the whole we are still at a restaurant and you have to sit down and be good deal. At one point Liam was acting super silly and Lydia YELLS across the table to him “Hey Liam, do you want me to do Chinese ladies are so funny? Do ya? Do ya? Chinese ladies are so funny, this is how they count their money.” And so on.  I could have crawled under the table! One of my sisters or I must have done that song/cheer in front of her because she knew ALL THE WORDS!  Because you know, we just bust out that now and then.  Yeah. Good times.

I am waiting for the day that they do not let us in. 


Sometimes when L dresses herself or her hair is a wreck after playing outside, I tell her she looks like an orphan. Probably not very appropriate, but my mom always called us Orphan Annie when we looked a hot mess, so it just comes naturally. Well the other day she was watching Super Why when the PBS peeps paused the programming. Lydia calls me into the room. I walk in and she is all “Mom, Super Why was on and who is this guy and where is Super Why?” I try to explain to her. She looked at the T.V. and said “Ugggg, what an orphan!”