Washington D.C. 

My thoughts and observations from Washington D.C.

1.       Everyone here must by super stressed because everyone smokes! I inhaled more cigarette smoke in the four days we were there than I have in my whole life! Lung cancer here we come!

2.       There are a lot of straight leg jeans and bow ties. I like.

3.       Everyone looks important. Well, except for us with our matching red, white, and blue patriotic attire, stroller, backpack,  and giant camera. We looked like tourists. We stuck out from the crowd. Jared made fun. I did it anyway.

4.       Everyone acts like they’re important too. Walking around all fast with their noses up in the air and ID tags hidden away between the buttons of their shirts. Sneaky!

5.       There are sniper dudes hiding in the bushes and stuff to keep the pres safe. Or so I thought. Again, Jared thought I was ridiculous, but I swear I spotted some snipers perched here and there.

6.       We have spent a lot of money on huge, beautiful, marble buildings. A lot! 

7.       The White House is smaller than I imagined. Beautiful and iconic, but smaller than I expected.

8.       Security, security, security. I couldn’t pee without being strip searched almost.

9.       We really do live in a beautiful county founded upon wonderful principles.

10.   I am truly grateful to be an American! 

Every time we told them to smile they embraced in some sort of way. 
Oh, the love!

Daddy’s competetion

So Jared has been back at crossfit for a few weeks and really wanted to start competing. This was his first competition and he and his partner did really well. Out of almost 40 teams in their category they came in third! We left after the third WOD because Jared was sure that they would not be in the finals and we were headed to DC first thing in the morning. Just after Jared got out of the shower at home he got a phone call saying that he and his partner were in the finals! She ended up taking first place with another partner since Jared wasn’t there. We are so proud of him! It was really fun to watch too. 

Fun Run

Lydia ran the fun run at school today. She ran almost two miles before time ran out. Liam and Daddy made her signs and came with Nanny to cheer her on. Thanks to Nan and Pop and Grammy and Grandpa for donating to her fun run. She had a blast. 

Grammy visits

Grammy was working in Tennessee this week so we met her in Chattanooga for dinner. The kids were in heaven. Liam keeps asking if we can go to her house and cook from her kid cookbook. Dinner out in the town was not enough for that kiddo.