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We’ve never been able to figure out a good way to dry our water pack.  We tried everything to get it to air dry, but the inside seems to always stick to itself and lock in moisture.  After one of our hikes we all felt a little sick… and maybe it was the old water pack… maybe it was something we ate… but just in case we did some research online and found the BEST way to dry a water pack.  And turns out it is really simple, almost common-sense.

After washing with soap and water, rinse out the bladder and detach the hose and nozzle.  Wod some paper towels and shove them inside the bladder.  The paper towels will absorb the water drops as you mush them around in the bladder then hold the sides apart while it finishes air drying.  Take the hose and whip it around in the air a few times to force extra water drops out, and let the hose, nozzle, and bladder sit for a few hours detached.  Simple.  And now we don’t get sick from hiking anymore.