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Tybee Island, GA

We were at Tybee Island when they were filming the Spongebob movie, and since then it has become one of our favorite beach towns to visit.  The two best places to visit at Tybee are Fort Screven, Battery Garland (old fort and close to the lighthouse) and Tybee Beach Pier on the South end of the Island.


  • Tybee is very close to Savannah, so if you plan a trip to Tybee, you might as well see Savannah too.
  • Be prepared to pay for parking
  • On the South end of the Island, there are a lot of great places to eat by the beach.
  • You can fish off the Pier by renting equipment there, or bringing your own… but Pier access is free.
  • Staying on Tybee Island can be a bit expensive, but it is easy to find accommodations outside of Savannah and Tybee at good prices and then drive a few minutes to each to visit.