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Amicalola Falls

At least once per year we visit Amicalola Falls State Park to hike to the waterfall and picnic.  It is perfect in the fall with the leaves changing colors and the view at the top.  Be prepared for a lot of stairs when do you this hick.  Going up to the top and back is around 1200 steps round trip.  But the view is spectacular and the falls are beautiful.


Burt’s Farm

If you go to Amicalola in the fall, make a point to visit Burt’s Farm.  It is just a minute down the road from the park, and has a fantastic pumpkin patch.  See more about Burt’s Farm.


  • There are bathrooms and picnic tables / grills around the base of the trail, so it is worth bringing up a picnic for after the hike
  • If you visit Burt’s Farm in conjunction with your trip, make sure you go to Burt’s Farm first thing in the morning (to beat the crowd).  It is a huge attraction, so get that done first then go to Amicalola for the rest of the day.
  • There is a small trout pond in the upper parking lot area before the trail if you want to fish with kids.