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Like something out of the TV Show ‘Hart of Dixie’

Exploring Macons was a lot of fun.  I don’t know why we haven’t gone to Macon before.  My business partner always says no one goes to Macon, they just drive through it.  But we’re glad we decided to go see what Macon is all about, and we’d totally go back.

Historic Downtown

There is so much to explore in the old historic downtown.  Old buildings with beautiful alleyways, lots of great restaurants, cool architecture, brick roads… and we also went during a time where they have a lot of activities – during the Cherry Blossom Festival (March every year).

Unfortunately, the cherry blossoms hadn’t quite bloomed because of the weird cold weather we’ve had lately, but a few were starting.  It would be unbelievably beautiful with all the blossoms.  The whole town is pink too.

Lane Southern Orchards

At the same time, Lane Southern Orchards was holding their Peach Blossom Festival… something we didn’t know much about but decided if the cherry blossoms hadn’t quite bloomed yet, we’d take a chance with the peach blossoms at Lane Orchards.  Apparently we missed the peak of bloom there… but had a lot of fun anyway listening to live music, playing on the bounce houses, browsing the market, taste-testing samples, and eating lunch at their restaurant.  It was a great family day.