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This place is a must-see!  The first thing you’ll learn about Dismals Canyon is that it is home to a rare glow worm insects called dismalites.  The ecosystem of Dismals Canyon provides the right climate for these insects to thrive, and at night you can tour the rock caverns to witness the beauty of these glowing insects at night.

What we didn’t know before our trip to Dismals Canyon is that hiking through the canyon during the day is just as awesome as touring at night.  As you desend the stairs into the canyon floor, the temperature drops at least 10 degrees.  The lush green vegetation and moss-covered rock walls feels more like a Costa Rican rain forest than a park in Alabama.

Camping is also available here.  We stayed at the site Dead Water Bluff.  Because it recently rained, we had a private waterfall and stream right behind our tent.  It was so nice to camp with the sound of a small waterfall lulling us to sleep.  The Sleeping Water site has a large rock cavern under which people pitch tents with a waterfall that falls over the rocks.  It is an amazing site as well.

From our experience having tried to book in October, and then changing our plans to book the following May, you must book your reservations well in advance and May is the peak of Dismalites so you will see the most during this time.

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