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A Day In Los Angeles

We began a costal road trip from L.A. to Seattle with some of the iconic sites we’ve always wanted to see.  And with how we plan, all these things are free and kid-friendly visit.

Griffith Park Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is a public museum for astronomy.  We didn’t know much about it except that there is a good view of the Hollywood sign from here, so we ventured to the park to check it out.  It was hot!  But we luckily found some parking a short walk up the road to the observatory (TIP: Get there early, maybe right before they open to get a good parking spot).

On our hike up the road we caught several great views of the Hollywood sign.  In the observatory there was a large Foucault Pendulum, and invention that demonstrates the Earth’s rotation, several exhibits of the sun, moon, etc, and a large sun dial outside that tracks the sun’s movement through the year.

The most beautiful part of the observatory is the view out over the city.

Rodeo Drive

One of Steph’s must-see locations is Rodeo Drive.  We strolled through the shopping center enjoying the shady walk and peaking in the windows at $2000 shoes.

Venice Canals

Perhaps the most unexpected sites we came across was Venice Canals.  We researched free things to see and do in L.A. and this was on the list.  It was so fun to walk through this residential area on the canals on our way to Venice Beach.

Venice Beach

Honestly, going to Venice Beach was nothing more than just to say we’ve been there.  I would have liked to spend more time going to Muscle Beach to see the body builders, but it was hot, hot, hot and we were running on fumes at this point.  So we stopped at the beach, let the kids get their feet wet, and then kept on going.

Santa Monica Pier

Wow!  We loved the Santa Monica Pier!  It was such a fun, iconic site to visit.  I didn’t expect the pier to be as large as it was.  Normally, we would walk around and see the sites but typically avoid spending money on attractions.  But we decided to splurge and take the kids on the ferris wheel.  It was a great memory to make with the kids.