April Fool’s Day

Lydia and I got up early to make the boys an April Fool’s breakfast. We made “eggs and buttered french toast” which was actually peaches and cream and cinnamon cake with a starburst on top. For dessert we made “cake pops” which were actually meatballs covered in mashed potatoes with sprinkles. Liam cried when he bit into the meatball. I guess when expecting cake, that is pretty gross. When asked why he was crying he stammered through tears “I hate mashed potatoes!” He doesn’t. We were cracking up. He didn’t think it was funny. Poor little guy.

Boys Campout

Jared took Liam camping with Brandon and his boys. Liam was in heaven and wanted to “live there”.



Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise

This was one of my favorite family vacations. The shows were outstanding. The food was divine. The weather was perfect. We had so much fun and were so spoiled. Disney definitely does it right! They kids loved the kids room. Liam wanted to go all the time. We let him go to some of the special events like making slime with Stitch and making volcanoes with a mad scientist. Every time we came to pick him up he cried. We loved every minute of the trip.

At Nassau, Bahamas we walked to Junkanoo beach. Jared and I soaked up some sun while the kids swam and played in the sand. We walked through a little bit of the town before heading back to the ship. At Castaway Cay we snorkeled, read, relaxed, ate, and walked the island. It was beautiful! We can’t wait to do it again!