Lydia has this mysterious rash. She has no other symptoms, just an itchy rash. At first I was mystified wondering what it could be. Then I remembered this. . . 

While I went jogging the other night Jared agreed to get the pickle-whiffers  ready for bed. I came home and was pleasantly surprised to be greeted at the door by two clean kiddos in their jammies. Rock on! Then I came upstairs to shower and Jared met me in the bathroom with a bottle of dish liquid and was all “This is what I gave the kids baths with!” He was holding it up like he was Vanna White and I had just won a big fat check. He was proud and grinning ear to ear. I was all COME AGAIN?!?!?!? You gave my babies a bath with DISH LIQUID?!?! And he was like “Yes! It makes the biggest bubbles ever! And I filled the tub up as full as it can get without spilling over! They loved it!”

I have several problems with this.

1. Of course they loved it! Now I have to think of a way to one-up you again. You create way too much work for me. Thanks a lot, Disneyland Dad!  

2. It is dish liquid. They are not baby ducks stuck in an oil spill! That junk cannot be good for their baby soft skin!

3. We have a series of bubble gum and rainbows, no-tear, sensitive skin, organic, kid friendly junk to wash the little varmints with. Not to mention the Bath and Body Works, $12 a bottle, bubble bath under the sink.  

Dish liquid, really? I am not sure this is why she has a rash but I have no other explanation. 


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