Liam was in a sour mood when I picked him up after work today because he didn’t have a nap. On the way home he was whining and crying because he wanted to give nanny “a blow kiss”. He had given her like 13 “blow kisses” before we pulled out of the drive way, for the record.  He likes to do that a bazillion times because Nanny flops around like the kiss is knocking her over.  He thinks it is hilarious.  I kept turning the radio up because I am a good mom like that. Or mean. Whatever. There is usually no reasoning with him when he is tired like that. I was hoping my music would woo him into dreamland. Then I hear Lydia, in the sweetest, calmest voice ever say “Liam, it’s okay. You need to stop crying. You need to get over it. You cannot have everything that you want. That is life. THAT. IS. LIFE.  I don’t get everything I want. Mommy doesn’t get everything she wants. That’s just life, Buddy. You need to stop crying and control yourself. That is life.” When did my kindergartener become so wise?  And how often do we say that to them? That’s just life. I don’t think Jared or I say that a lot. And she is like the little monster whisperer because he calmed down and eventually drifted off. Thanks for the help, Goose! 


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