Lydia wrote me a song the other night. She is her Daddy’s girl! He used to always write me songs. That’s how he got me to fall in love with him, y’all. A word to the wise- take her to the park, bring your guitar, sing her a song. Done! I hope those sweet skills rub off on our littles. And it looks like they just might!



I posted this precious picture on Instagram and my sister reminded me of our killer song writing skills back in the day. How could I not claim some of this brilliance? Vicki and I always wrote songs to our parents when we wanted something. I guess we thought that was a sure way to get a ‘yes’ out of them. Work hard on a song complete with dance choreography, perform it, and it was a shoe in! I am not really sure how they saw past the bangs, the very large bangs on both of us, but somehow they found it darling. It almost always worked! Our songs usually went something like this “Mom, please, please, please, please, please can Tori sleep ooovvveeerrrrr?” I think it was the down on one knee at the end that really sealed the deal! What do you think, Vic?


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