We have a new rule in our house. NO CAMERAS IN THE BATHROOM!!!!

I was in the shower yesterday and Lydia came in the bathroom with her camera in hand like she was ready to take a picture. She was talking and talking, but I wasn’t really paying attention to what she was saying. Then she walked right up to the shower door, pointed her camera right at me through the glass shower door and was all “Hey, Mom!” I said “Oh, Lydia don’t take pictures in the bathroom, honey.” Then she hit me with “Oh, I’m not. I’m videoing.” SHE WAS NARRATING A VIDEO!!!! SHE HAD BEEN POINTING THAT THING AT ME FOR AT LEAST A MINUTE! In a very frantic voice I was all “TURN IT OFF!!!! TURN IT OFF NOW!!!!” So new rule. No cameras in the bathroom. And yes, I immediately deleted the video!


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