You Learn As You Go

Well. . .

That was painful. I voted. I didn’t like it, but I voted.  Lydia’s shirt says it all. We like Daddy a lot. I think we’ll keep him.


Happy Halloween!

From the scariest witch and vampire around. Lydia won best costume in second grade at school. I’m sure Liam would have won something too but he was to shy to go up to the contest. We had a great time at our annual Halloween party and trick-or-treating.

Liam Day

Liam has been a bit of a handful lately. I was so tired of putting him in time out and fussing at him constantly. I decided to make him a sticker chart. He had three goals a day. 1. Be kind to Goosey. 2. Speak to everyone nicely. 3. Listen to Mom and Dad immediately and without talking back. It worked like a charm. He could earn 3 stickers a day and when he earned 60 stickers he got to have a “Liam Day” with just Mom and Dad. We gave L the boot (she went to Nan and Pop’s) and Liam picked a fishing day and ice cream. It has been the best several weeks we’ve had in a long time. I hope the pleasant behavior and good habits continue! If not, this kid may have a sticker chart until he’s 18!



Rock Ranch

We spend another fabulous day at the Rock Ranch with family this weekend. We had a blast!


mile high

We’re in the club! We went camping at Mile High Campground in North Carolina. The times were as glorious as the views! At first I wasn’t sure I really wanted to go because, you know, camping. And also Jared’s expectations.

We were getting ready to go camping. I had gotten both kids “ready”. Jared looked at Liam and said “Let’s go do your hair.” And I was like “Why, we’re going camping. He looks cute. He is going to wear a hat anyway. Why do you need to do his hair?” And my husband looked at me sideways and said “We still do our hair when we are camping.” And I was all HOLD THE PHONE! What? You don’t even have hair, big guy! The only reason I want to go camping at all is so that I don’t have to wear a real bra, or put on make-up, or do my hair for three days! If your expectation is that hair will be done and real bras will be worn, I cannot go camping!

But we went anyway. Nan and Pop joined us for a night. It was a blast.





I gave a talk in church today (which I pretty much think is the worst part about church ever). I want to vomit just thinking about it. Anyway. I told the story about how one year after Halloween we put the candy in a jar on the counter and the kids could have one piece a day. But in order to have a piece of candy they had to tell something they did that was kind for someone that day.  So tonight we were doing the “what did you do that was kind for someone today?” and Liam was quick to respond, “I prayed for you, Mom.” And my heart melted into a giant puddle right there on the floor. As I was doting all over him and kissing and squishing his face he asked “Now can I have a piece of candy?” So he was listening too?!?!?! That is not the point of the story, Liam, but I shall buy you all the candy in the world! Not really. Because lessons. But I want to! And I just want to freeze time for a minute in all of these good feelings of accomplishment and love and service and dance and twirl and let everything always be right in the world. Okay?

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