So when Lydia was 18 months old Santa brought her a little 4 wheeler.  She loved it. Well, that silly Santa must have taken the charger with him or thrown it away with the box. The 4 wheeler has been hanging in the garage ever since.  Well this year Santa brought Liam a 4-wheeler just like Lydia’s. So now they both have one to ride and they can share a charger. That Santa; he’s alright. They also got helmets and this mama makes them wear the helmets even though the bikes only go like 1/1000 mile per hour. Perhaps it is because I am paranoid. Perhaps it is because one day they will be big, crazy, ramp jumping, dare devils and I want them used to wearing a helmet. Or perhaps it is because it once when I was in college I ran a dirt bike into some bushes helmetless. Who knows! That’s right. I ran that little dirt bike right into the neighbor’s bushes- like a boss. Or not so much! My dad just got one of those tiny dirt bikes and was showing it to us. I was there with my friend and youngest sister. So my dad is all “who wants to ride it?” Now both of my sisters are way braver than I am. Always have been. They’d be doing flips and jumping out of trees onto the trampoline while I played egg. What can I say? I am a chicken head. Em could show me up doing pretty much anything like this. So I am all “I want to, I want to.” I didn’t really want to. What do I have a death wish or something?!?!?! I take my seat. My dad is trying to explain how to ride it and I am all “Duh, I know dad, I know how to ride a dirt bike. Hello, I drive a car, like, every day.” Probably while smacking my gum. At least that is how it plays out in my head today. So I start slowly down the drive way thinking I am hot stuff until I hit the gutter between the driveway and the street. This naturally throws me back a little and my hand revs the engine and I go soaring across the street and into the neighbor’s bushes. I jump/roll off as the bike goes down the hill on the other side. I stand up to see my dad running full speed after me and Jaime and Bubba laughing their heads off. I stalk back with wounded pride and let my dad rescue the bike before the neighbors see me. So yeah. My kids will wear helmets. 


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