Here are some things Lydia has said recently. . .

We were driving home from church today and Lydia said “Mom, when I get four I want to ride a horse. . . or a unicorn.” We will see about that, baby, we will see.

Lydia is sitting on my nightstand. Why Lydia is sitting on my nightstand I have no idea. I ask her to get off and she says “But Mom, it is not your choice.” What in the world am I going to do with this sassy thing?

Lydia is jumping on the bed shouting “I’m a jumping “hoe-sa-fat!” She has been hanging around Papa too much!

L walked in her room and said “It’s a BISASTER in here!” Well, sweet cheeks, clean up that “B”isaster!

Lydia asked me for a cup of milk tonight. She said “Mom, can you make it half hoe and half skin? That is how I like it.”

Lydia cocked her head to the side last night and looked longingly into my eyes and said “Mom, you’re incredible.” How in the world did I get so lucky? 


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