We should not teach parenting 101. Just a disclaimer. 

So Liam threw one of my shoes (one that was sitting on the coffee table to keep the puppy from chewing on it) across the room. I asked him to go get it and not to throw my shoes because I did not want Ruey to get them. He looks at me with those big ol’ naughty eyes and chucks the other one. So Jared steps in and this is the conversation. . .

J-Liam, Do you want to go to time-out?

First of all, who asks that??!?!? What do you want him to say? Um. . yes, I’d love to be in trouble, thanks. It is not really an option, Jared.  You cannot opt in and out of time-out.

J-You want to go to time out in the bathroom?
J-The DARK bathroom?
J-The COLD, DARK bathroom?
S-Why are you trying to make the bathroom some scene from a horror movie?
J-The stinky bathroom?
J-With Leprechauns?
S- JARED!!!!!!

He never went to time out. Actually Jared gave him a baba. Sigh. 


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