Sometimes I wonder why my children are so loud and crazy. Actually, deep down I know, but I still ask.

I witnessed my sister singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider to my niece the other day and that confirmed what I already knew. We are crazy! See, while she was singing, a gentle sprinkle came down and that itsy bitsy spider must have floated carefully on a rubber raft as he was washed out. The quiet little whisper singing those two were doing was precious. When we sing Itsy Bitsy Spider it is precious too. However, it is more like Hurricane Katrina roared in and it is a straight-up miracle that the itsy bitsy spider ever makes it to crawl up the spout again. But he does. Every time, he does. We are loud and crazy!

Another big thing I have noticed is how we handle bathroom affairs. When my niece toots or poops they clap and praise her like she just did something super fabulous (actually the real reason behind this excitement for regular bodily functions is so that she is not embarrassed). I wish someone would clap and jump for joy when I pass gas! Some people I know should receive a standing ovation daily. Just sayin’. When Liam poops I say something like “WHAT IN THE WORLD! YOU SMELL LIKE A DEAD ANIMAL! DUDE, WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY?” in my best monster voice. We both laugh. I don’t think he is embarrassed. Perhaps next time I will clap and congratulate him on a job well done, but probably not.

Love you, Boc. We are both fabulous mommas in our own special ways. 


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