Liam and Lydia were running around tonight goofing off. After a bit of squealing and chasing each other around the house we heard Lydia cry. Liam walked in the kitchen looking pretty pleased with himself. “What did you do?” I asked. Smiling with all the pride in the world he pronounced “I thitted on her.” I about died! Jared’s eyes were as big as saucers as Liam pompously stated again “I thitted on her.” Now he thought he was super cool because I was laughing so hard, and you know how he loves to be funny.  I asked him about ten more times what he did just so I could hear him say it before I corrected his grammar. “You SAT on her, Liam, you SAT on her. Sitted is not a word. Go apologize and be nice to your sister.”  That lisp. So dang cute. 


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