The first day back after summer break is exhausting! When I picked the kids up after work Liam would not look at me or talk to me. He was mad at me for leaving and holding a grudge. That’ll make you feel like a super great mom. Sigh. He wanted nothing to do with me. He sulked around all afternoon. Every time I spoke to him he quickly turned his head and grunted. Until. . . Until he asked Jared for more ice cream. Daddy said no. Mommy bribed the baby. I realize that both of things are no-no’s when it comes to parenting, bribing and going against your partner, however, it made me feel better. Plus, I never get to be the good guy, the yes man, so I jumped all over the opportunity. I told Liam that if he would give me a big hug and stop being mad at me I’d get him a second bowl of ice cream. It worked. He was my pal for the rest of the night. I hope he transitions quickly. I felt like crap! 


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