I am embarrassed to admit that tonight we were THAT family. I try really hard not to be THAT family. We take our kids out everywhere and they are usually very well behaved. We try to set our expectations high (but reasonable) and communicate with the kids before getting out of the car. I usually bring appropriate kid activities to keep them occupied and we try to really pay attention to them and their needs. We have a restaurant bag for heaven sakes. I make sure we leave our area extremely clean. This stuff matters to me. And I am realistic. They are kids. Stuff happens. I know. But I will not be that mom that drags her kid screaming through Target, if I can help it. And not to judge others that have been there and done that. I get it. We have those days too.

So tonight was International Night at Lydia’s private school. It was amazing! The teachers and students spent weeks getting this ready. So, we had already gone through several rooms that represented different countries. We tried lots of food. Jared and I each had a kid’s hand. They were being exceptionally good. They usually are in public because they are shy. So we finally get to Lydia’s room; they studied Russia. Her art work was everywhere and she was so excited to show us all of the things she had worked so hard on. We were excited too. So, naturally, we wanted some pictures. BIG MISTAKE! We stood our precious children in front of this exhibit that Lydia’s class made and the whole thing happened in S-L-O-W MOTION! Liam leaned on Lydia. Lydia was not prepared for the weight, and they both went over. SLOWLY. But too fast for me to catch. I tried. And they knocked over the fake wall put up to block half of the classroom. I was embarrassed and spazzing a little, not knowing what to do first. Take care of the kids? Fix the wall? Turn to see who is watching us? Lydia cried because she was embarrassed. Liam turned on the water works because Lydia was crying. I was spazzing out. Jared was taping together this wall we just tore up. HOT MESS! We had to take the kids out because they were crying so loud. Everyone was all “It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.” But what were we supposed to do? Leave the broken wall just dangling from the ceiling? Jared finished “fixing” it and we made it out physically unscathed. Emotionally? That’s debatable. 

And just for the record. . . It was the situation that was embarrassing, not the children. They are awesome!


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