It’s Fall Y’all

And it is finally starting to feel like it here.

I love this picture of L!  This is her new “cheese” face and it cracks me up!

This weekend we did our annual family fall day trip.  Every year we go with my family to the pumpkin patch and then to hike the falls up north.  We picked the perfect weekend to do it.  The weather was outstanding!  We had so much fun.
Lydia loved running up and down the rows of pumpkins.  She had a blast.
I feel bad because we didn’t get any pictures of Liam at the pumpkin patch.  He just wanted to eat the whole time.  Typical boy.  I did get one of the cutest niece ever though!
And you can’t forget the wheelbarrow ride from Daddy.
After the patch we headed to the falls for a good ol’ hike and cookout.
Thanks Daddy and Uncle Phil for toting the wee ones!
It was a great day!


Our conversation at dinner went something like this. . .

S- Lydia, do you want broccoli and rice?

L- No, just broccoli.

J- Is it weird that I just ate a piece of chicken that looked like a human ear?

Seriously. We were eating Chinese, just for the record.  It kinda makes you question things- huh?

In other news. . . Lydia has finally let me touch her hair! She has always been good at wearing hair bows, but they had to be on a soft headband or a tiny clip that I’d just slide in. But she hates having her hair brushed or touched in any way. It is so irritating. That is one reason that we have had her hair cut so many times. She just won’t let me do anything with it. She finally let me do back pigtails on Auntie Em’s birthday as a surprise for her. Since then she has wanted me to pull her hair up everyday. It is so cute! I just hope this phase lasts!
ready to rock n’ roll in mommy’s shoes
trying to choose which “tup tate” she wants

2,000 miles…

…is a long way from home!
We had the opportunity to go out to Utah for Nate and Leslie’s wedding this month.
It was really fun to go out and see lots of family and friends.
And the wedding was beautiful! We are so happy for them.
They are the cutest couple ever!
The trip. . . in raw details. . . 

Fact- We looked like the Beverly Hillbilly’s trekking it through the airport-2 kids, 2 car seats, 2 backpacks, 3 carryons! Fact- I hate to fly!
HATE it!
I hated it before 9/11. . . now forget about it.
Everyone looks like a terrorist.
Poor Jared!
(Not that I think he looks like a terrorist,
but he has to put up with me and my totally rational thoughts.) 

Fact- The silly airline separated our seats on most flights
so we had to ask people around us to switch seats so that we could be together to take care of the kids.
And well, let’s be honest, so Jared could take care of me.
(And tackle all of the terrorist looking people as they got up to use the bathroom.)
Because I watch everyone like a hawk.
Why am I so paranoid? 

Fact- On one flight the lady that sat next to Jared actually said no to switching her seat
so that my 2 year old could sit by us.
Who does that?
Lydia was sitting in front of me and turned around with huge tears in her eyes.
I almost had a massive meltdown right there in front of everyone. Almost.
Instead the mama bear inside me made my MIL switch seats with me while we were taxiing the runway.The flight attendant came on the intercom and reminded us it was federal law to remain seated while taxiing.I wanted to remind her of something, but I bit my tongue.
I had to comfort my baby!
And although it was not my finest moment,
I did throw a few elbows on my way out of the isle without giving Ms. lovely a chance to get out of my way.Like I said, not my finest moment, but I’d do it again if I had the chance. 

Fact- We had a 3 hour layover in Denver on the way home.
2 tired & hungry kiddos, 3 tired & hungry adults with lots of “stuff” to lugFun times!
In all seriousness, it was a great trip.
Very busy, but great.
We spent a lot of time in Logan-
at the wedding and visiting Jared’s side of the family and old friends.
Lydia enjoyed playing at Urgrossmutti’s house-
picking flowers from her garden and fruit from her orchard.
And Grossmutti made us lots of yummy food.
We also spent lots of time at my papa’s house visiting family.
Lydia loved Papa-Great.
She took to him immediately and was his little shadow the whole time we were there.
I love how at 94 he still gets on the floor and plays with the kids.
Is he not the cutest Papa ever?
One night Papa-Great was watching the BYU game on TV.
He was eating dinner in the living room so that he would not miss any of the game.
Lydia had to take her plate in there and eat with him.
It was so sweet!
We also got to meet baby McKay in real life.
What a doll!
We got to be there for his baby blessing too. So sweet!
Lydia and Liam are going to have so much fun growing up with cousins their age!
It was sad to say goodbye to everyone, but oh so good to be home!

We went to the animal fair…

We took the kids to the zoo. Lydia was so excited!
She really wanted to see a “tomoto drajon”. You know. . . a komodo dragon.

Every 2 year old little girl wants to see a big, scary,  poisonous lizard- right?

She could have cared less about the elephants, giraffes, gorillas and all of the other cool animals.

We got to see a huge komodo dragon and a baby one too. She was a happy camper!

She also loved the birds. Birds creep me out! All the fluttering about and poop falling from above just freaks me out!

She also loved the naked mole rats.  Weird- right?

Maybe because you get to crawl in and out of the dark room in a tunnel?

Maybe because they are little and she loves anything little.

Liam was there too. He spent the day in the stroller or being snuggled by someone.

He just enjoys being outside.

Do you like his little dorky hat? I have to protect that baby pasty skin!
It was a really fun day!

Did I mention that we all got in for free?  All of us. . . my mom, dad, Vicki, Matt, Baby Madelyn, Em, Phil, and us.

Pretty rad if you ask me.

The zoo has partnered with the library system here. All you have to do is go to your local library and check out the zoo history DVD and when you return it they give you a family pass to the zoo for free. It is good for 2 adult and 2 kid tickets. You have to use the tickets within 7 days of returning the DVD. It was kinda a pain to get a hold of the DVD though because it is becoming more and more popular as the word gets out. When we finally got a hold of it we worked the system! My sister checked it out and then the next day my mom went with her to return it so that she could check it out right away. We continued doing this.  It saved us $160 in tickets! We will be doing this once a year. What a deal!