We took Lydia to the local pet store the other day to an event called “build a frog”. The kids get to choose a little pet frog, a glass bowl, colored pebbles, and a little plant. Lydia loved it. Poor little Hula only survived a few days. RIP little Hula Frog.

We were more impressed with the HUGE tortious walking around and the puppies that L and I kept begging Daddy for. 


Lydia says stuff sometimes that totally amazes me. Today I asked her a question and she said “Perhaps.” Really?


Liam thinks that all skin is “butt, butt”. At least that is the conclusions I came to after he patted me on the face and said “butt, butt”. Perhaps I was wrong in that assumption. Maybe he was trying to tell me something. We always laugh because when they are getting in the tub we pat their little bums and say something like “cute little butt, butt” and  Liam has started patting Lydia on the bum saying “butt, butt”. We assumed that he was a little confused about what a “butt, butt” was when he started patting any exposed skin, like a leg, arm, face, neck, etc. . . and saying “butt, butt”. Whatever, it is cute! 
If he gets quiet, this is where you will probably find him.