The first year I did not have to sit on his lap! Lydia was so excited. Liam was very hesitant and unsure about the big, jolly fellow. He was crying a little until I gave him a candy cane. I LOVE his facial expression! Lydia made me tell him what she wanted. . . a kitchen set, a doll, and a bike.


The kids were playing in Lydia’s room while I was doing laundry. Liam walked up to Lydia to show her something and did his little Grossvatti grunt to get her attention. She looked at him and said “Well, that’s absurd!” I am not sure if she was talking about him grunting or the toy he was showing her. Regardless, it was funny. I asked her how she knew that word and she said “Because I am so smart.” She is obviously not lacking in the self-esteem department.  That is our job as parents though, right. To build them up so that the rest of the world cannot take them down. I just hope and pray that it is just enough and that they are humble too. 


Lydia had ballet today. She loves ballet. It is so fun to watch her dance with the other little girls. She spends most of the time watching herself in the mirror or watching to see if we are watching her. She periodically turns and waves all excited and cheesy. It is too cute. Well, today I took her potty right before class started. Then after about 20 minutes in she looks at me through the window and mouths that she has to pee-pee. I open the door, tell her teacher that she has to use the restroom, and take her. I sit her on the potty and she doesn’t go. I said to her “You don’t even have to go potty, do you?” She looked at me and said “Mom, I didn’t really like that part.” So the little punk pretends that she has to pee so that she can get out of the part of class that she doesn’t like. Sneaky. Brilliant. Manipulative. Already!  Goodness, I do not want her to be that kid that pretends that she needs to go to the clinic or bathroom just to get out of something.  But, then again,  I remember doing that as a kid too. Sigh. 


Lydia was being a handful last night. She was NOT ready for bed and Mommy and Daddy were. I asked her to chill out and go to bed. She looked at me and said in a really sweet voice “Mom, I am teaching you to not care, sweetypie.” Sorry, sweetypie; I do care. Go to bed! 


Lydia loves doing crafts. We have been making these little craft turkeys for Thanksgiving. Well she made one the other day and said “Look at my turkey, mom. Do you love it? It is a boy. It has a wiener.” Perhaps it is time for them to stop bathing together.