So while my Dad is in the hospital we are watching the IzzMyster. The kids are loving having her here. Izzy is really high maintenance for my parents. But I tell you, she is playing them like a fiddle.  

How my parents feed Izzy, because it is the only way she will eat for them.
Get one cup of dry dog food.
Run tap water until luke warm.
Cover dry food with water.
Microwave for 30 seconds.
Shred small boiled boneless, skinless chicken tenderloin and add to food.
Mix well.
Sing and dance a jig while placing it on the ground.
Okay so the last one was a little far-fetched. A little.

How I feed Izzy
Pour dry dog food in bowl.
Put on floor.
Eat or don’t, dog. Whateves.

How Liam feeds Izzy
Take a piece of dry dog food.
Chuck it as far as you can across the room.
Watch Izzy go get it, eat it, and return.

How Lydia feeds Izzy
Take a scoop of dry dog food and put it in your toy horse’s dish.
Take a miniature toy horse food scoop and scoop up one kernel of food at a time.
Hold it out to Izzy.
Pet her and talk to her in a sweet baby voice.

Just for the record, if Izzy would not eat for me I would heat her food and junk. Love you Mom and Dad! You are as awesome dog parents as you are real parents. 


I was off today since my dad is in the hospital. I took the kids to McDonald’s for lunch and to play in the play place,one thing I said I’d never do before I had children. Never say never, folks. I have done many a thing that I swore I never would.  I did have a good reason though.  We must have been there for Bubba to play when she was little, but I have etched in my brain the oozing diarrhea that was smeared all down the slide of a McDonald play place from some way too full diaper. I had to go up there and help her find a way down to avoid the sludge that smeared the slide. Good times! You are welcome, Bubba! You owe me one. How about coming over one night. . .  say bath time? Eh? I swore that day that I would never ever take my children to one of those nasty things. But here we are. Anywho. . . this post was totally not going to be about poo. Shocking, I know. So anyway, my daughter, who is normally very shy and reserved, totally came out of her shell today. She was introducing herself to all of the kids. She would walk up to someone and say “Hi, my name is Lydia, what his your name?” Then she would put her arm around Liam, who was right on her heels, and say “This is my brother. His name is Liam Baby. He is one.” Liam would stand up so proud with the cheesiest grin on his face. They were cracking me up! She played really well with all of the kids there while Liam tried to keep up, but couldn’t  I only had to crawl up in that thing twice to get him. When the nightmareish images started to resurface, we left. 


Apparently Lydia thought that she needed to save his heathen soul or something. Haha. Lydia tried to baptize Liam in the tub tonight.  We have been to several baptisms at church lately. And I must say. . . she was pretty right on. Crazy little munchkin doesn’t miss a thing. 


Lydia got to go to her first day of big primary and her Sunbeam class. I was a little nervous and anxious, but she was a super star. She loved it! She went without crying and has been talking about it ever since. 


Lydia just said “Mom, it will break my little baby heart if you say no, but. . .” And then she holds up a cookie mix that she wants to make while batting those long eyelashes. Guess we are making cookies. Where do they learn this stuff? I swear I do not do that. Jared does not do that. Is it truly natural? Keep batting those eyelashes, girl. The world is yours!