We went to taco Tuesday tonight and the kids both got a balloon, which they think is the greatest thing ever. When we opened the car door later, Liam’s balloon floated out and we were not able to catch it. To say that he was devastated is an understatement. When we got in the house, Lydia patted him on the head and handed him her pink balloon and said “Brother, I want to give you my balloon.” Proud Mommy moment right there! Jared and I both told her how proud we were of her. She walked up to me and said “I wanted to give that to him because I love him.” Then she asked me “Mom, did you know I am a child of God?” Um. . . yes I did! Somebody,somewhere is doing something right!


I got this e-mail from my mom at work today. “They are cracking me up. B will say sorry for anything and everything. G is a NUT! She told me that she just needed to be alone to watch George, ‘so leave please’… I asked if she wanted to come play and she said ‘that is so nice, but no’ hahaha” 

They are crazy!

Then we were leaving my mom’s house this afternoon, pulling out of the drive way, Lydia shook her head and said “She’s my baby Nanny.” Talking about my mom. I was cracking up. Who’s yo’ baby nanny? 


Oh. My. Goodness. This little girl of mine was out of control tonight.

beautiful, warm February day = 4 hours at the park = no good nap for L = sassy, grumpy-pants

After a long trip to the park, we went to Grammy and Grandpa’s for dinner where she was in rare form. We got home in time for a quick bath before bedtime. I plopped Liam in and told Lydia that she needed to get in. The rest of the conversation went something like this.

L-No, thank you.
S-Um, this is not a choice. Get in the bath, please.
L-Well, it is my choice.
S-Lydia Grace Erni, your little sassy mouth is making me angry. Please get out of that car so that I can help  you get in the bath. 
L– (As she slowly inches her way out of the cozy coupe) What are you going to do, chain up my hands and feet?
S-(mouth hanging open speechless) What in the world? Where did you hear that? What are you talking about?
L-Well, that is what they did in Grandpa’s movie and that is what they did to Dumbo and Tangled.
S-Um, well, that is really frowned upon these days. No one is going to chain you up. And never say that again, especially in public! Someone is going to call DEFACS on us! 

So I get her in the bath and think all is well. Then she starts kicking Liam. He cries.

S-Lydia, do not kick him again!
L-But mom, I wasn’t kicking him. I was putting my feet on him.
S-(bending down so that I could be at her level) Lydia, when mommy tells you to do something what do you say?

On a normal day she says “Yes, mam” or “okay, Mommy” and we go on with our business. Tonight she put her hand up and started yelling “stranger danger, stranger danger, STRANGER DANGER!” I could have beat her to death. Just kidding, but I did tag Jared in and left the bathroom. I returned after both kids were washed, jammied, and ready for bed. Feeling a little guilty for needing a minute to breathe, I started this conversation.

S-Lydia, I love you. I will always love you no matter what. You know how much I love you right?
L-Mom, I know. I know you always love me. Even when YOU are grumpy and angry.
S-(chuckling) Yes, baby. And I love you even when YOU are naughty and sassy!

Then I snuggled her to sleep. 


Sometimes I wonder why my children are so loud and crazy. Actually, deep down I know, but I still ask.

I witnessed my sister singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider to my niece the other day and that confirmed what I already knew. We are crazy! See, while she was singing, a gentle sprinkle came down and that itsy bitsy spider must have floated carefully on a rubber raft as he was washed out. The quiet little whisper singing those two were doing was precious. When we sing Itsy Bitsy Spider it is precious too. However, it is more like Hurricane Katrina roared in and it is a straight-up miracle that the itsy bitsy spider ever makes it to crawl up the spout again. But he does. Every time, he does. We are loud and crazy!

Another big thing I have noticed is how we handle bathroom affairs. When my niece toots or poops they clap and praise her like she just did something super fabulous (actually the real reason behind this excitement for regular bodily functions is so that she is not embarrassed). I wish someone would clap and jump for joy when I pass gas! Some people I know should receive a standing ovation daily. Just sayin’. When Liam poops I say something like “WHAT IN THE WORLD! YOU SMELL LIKE A DEAD ANIMAL! DUDE, WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY?” in my best monster voice. We both laugh. I don’t think he is embarrassed. Perhaps next time I will clap and congratulate him on a job well done, but probably not.

Love you, Boc. We are both fabulous mommas in our own special ways. 


Day 3- Nana gets crapped on at Animal Kingdom. Only that bird got her in the hair and down the face. Good times! Just another reason I am not a fan of things that fly. The Animal Kingdom safari was awesome and the shows were really fun too. The kids enjoyed riding some rides there and meeting Pooh, Tigger, and Eyeore.