We had our annual Easter egg hunt at Amee’s house. The kids had so much fun together. We are so blessed to have family so close. These kids adore each other. 


Liam and I were eating popcorn today while Lydia slept. You have to keep him busy while she is napping because he constantly tries to wake her up to play with him. Well, little Jared junior would not touch the popcorn. He insisted on eating it with a spoon. These crazy boys! 


Lydia has been into puppet shows lately. She and Daddy made sock puppets a few nights ago and we get a puppet show every night. Tonight the puppet show was about Jesus and the story of Easter. It went like this. . . 

“Jesus was a boy. A big boy. A big boy man. Then he died. He took away all of our skins.” She pulled the puppet off of her hand.

“And then he put back on all of our skins when he was WEZ-A-WECKED.” She put the puppet back on.

A tiny misconception? Perhaps. Underdeveloped vocabulary? Maybe. Cutest thing ever? Heck yes!

At least she gets it honestly. It reminds me of another misconception we once had. . . the time Jared called me SHAUDI. We had been married for a short time and he got home from work and was all “Hey Shorty!”  I looked up from whatever I was doing, probably cooking dinner like a good wife. Newlyweds, sheesh!  I can hardly remember. Those days are long gone! So, anyway, I looked up and was all “What did you just call me?” He’s like “Shorty, it’s a term of endearment.” 

“Jared. First of all it is SHAUDI, not shorty. And second of all WE ARE WHITE! Do not call me or anyone else that. Ever.” Bless his heart. He had only been in Atlanta for a short time. He grew up in a small town of mostly Caucasian Mormons. Hehe. We still laugh about this. 

P.S. I looked up Shaudi in the Urban Dictionary to see how in the balls one would go about spelling that and these are the definitions. 1) A sexy female/fine gurl 
2) Something Justin Bieber shouldn’t be allowed to say

See, Jare, if Justin Bieber shouldn’t say it, neither should you! 


As inappropriate as it is, Jared and I call Liam’s bottle crack. Boy is ADDICTED! Seriously, he may need rehab this summer.