No, not THAT talk. My kid’s only 4! The school talk. You know, what to do and not to do at school. So Lydia starts preschool tomorrow and there are some things I wanted to talk to her about. A lot of people tell me that Lydia is my little mini me. I am not sure if that is because they think that she looks like me or because she acts and talks just like me. The thirty year old me. Not always a good thing. Now, most talks of this nature probably go something like “Be good, be nice to your friends, remember to say please and thank you, raise your hand, blah, blah, blah.” Ours went like this. . .

Don’t sing I like big butts and I cannot lie

Do not sing to the window, to the wall, till the sweat drips down my balls

Don’t call your teacher a dork when she is singing

Do not make fart noises in class

Don’t fart in class if you can help it and if you do blame it on the kid next to you. Just kidding.  Say excuse me.  

Do not moon anyone!

We lead by example, y’all. We are awesome parents!


Waiting to get his 2 year old shots. Poor little buddy doesn’t have a clue what is coming. He took it like a champ though. 


The first time this happened we were in Utah when Lydia asked me to roll her window down. I told her that I could not because we were on the freeway and it would be too loud and dangerous. Then this conversation happened. . .

L- When I am a mom I am going to be SOOOOOOO much nicer than you! I am going to let my kids have their windows down whenever they want!
S- OUCH! That kinda hurts. You don’t think I am a nice mommy?
L-You are kinda nice. But I am going to be SOOOOOO much nicer than you. 
S- That stings a little.
L- Then just roll my window down.

When I told Jared of this conversation he was all “Yeah, she already has a list. She has done that to me several times.”

She tells us that frequently and now I just respond by telling her to add it to her list. Her list includes letting her kids not brush their teeth, play with dog food, and eat whatever they want. My 4 year old has a list. Sigh. And I thought I was a pretty good mom. 

^^^ She will always let her kids play with dog food whenever they want!