We found a tiny box turtle on our back deck and she has become the kids favorite, little pet. Lydia named her Lulu and snuggles her every day. Jared even made her a little turtle house thing for the back yard. One day while working Jared heard Ruby chewing on something hard. Thinking it was one of the kids’ toys he went to get it from her. Well, it was poor Lulu. She was okay though. 


Lydia loves her bal-la-lay class, as she calls it. Dance Imagination is amazing! Each week they get to dress up like on of the Disney princesses, read the story, and dance. Liam and I just watch through the window. He wants to join so badly! 


Yeah Baby! We do the GA state fair with the best of them. That is some good sight seein’ y’all! Whooo weeee! I’ll tell you what. If you wanna feel better about yourself, head down there. You’ll feel like you belong in Beverly Hills. Funnel cakes, fried everything, some good, yet sketchy, rides and you’ve got yourself a good night! We even had our picture taken with the seals after the show and then really smelled like we belonged! Can’t wait to go back! 


We went apple picking this weekend with friends in the pouring rain! It was so much fun and we plan to make this a fall family tradition!