Since Daddy has abandoned us once again for a Color Vibe run, Nanny and I took the kids to Six Flags. Lydia, my little thrill seeker, loved everything. Liam, bless his heart, wanted to love everything. He doesn’t particularly enjoy anything too fast. You should have seen his little face on the kid roller coaster. I felt so bad! Lydia could have ridden it 12 times in a row and would still want to go again. We had a blast!

#gaaquarium #worldofcoke

We did a little family trip to the GA Aquarium and the Coke Museum this weekend. It was good, family fun, as always! The kids loved trying all of the different soda’s at the Coke Museum, but then had to pee about 5 times on the 45 minute drive home. Good times! 


We have been calling Liam a “Big Boy” a lot since he is potty trained. So now he calls me “Big Mommy”.

Can I have more juice, Big Mommy? I love you, Big Mommy. Hold me, Big Mommy.

I do not want to be called BIG anything! Liam, can’t you just call me Mommy? 


Liam potty trained himself. Really. He decided one day that he did not want to wear a diaper anymore. I was all Oh goodness. This might be a disaster. I have heard how hard boys are to potty train. Can’t we just wait a while? But he insisted.  So I tried it one day. He had two accidents the first day. Not too bad. So we continued and he has not had an accident since. No sticker chart, no rewards, no M&M’s. Just the desire. Can we say easiest kid ever? Way to go, big boy, way to go!