Snow Days

So, Tuesday there was snow in the forcast. Well, you know how we are around here. 
Snow = everything closes. Cool. I love a good snow day!

But this one turned out to be not so cool! I was at school, Tuesday, when the flakes started to fall. The school superintendent decided to start dismissing kids 2 hours early so I called Jared and had him go get both of our kids and take them home.  Well the flakes started to fall faster and harder as the temperature dropped and dropped. We are in the South, y’all, we don’t have the resources to deal with this stuff. By the time the buses got there the roads were already a mess. Long story short. . . it was too late. Kids were stuck on buses for hours. Kids and teachers had to sleep at schools. People were stranded everywhere. Well I’ll tell you one thing. . . Hell can freeze over. . . I am not getting stranded at school! 

My car is rear wheel drive and since the roads were so slick I was just going to walk the mile in a half or so to my parents’ house. But my awesome student teacher and her boyfriend in his 4 wheel drive truck took me to my parents. It took us two and a half hours to get there. You know, a mile in a half in two + hours. There were more people walking than driving. Cars and buses full of children scattered the sides of the streets where they slid off. 

My mom had warm brownies for me when I walked in the door. Best. Mom. Ever. I was sure I was stranded there for the night. I was so bummed that I would not get to spend this snow day with Jared and the kids. This was Liam’s first time ever in the snow and I was going to miss it all. I’m sentimental and this stuff means a lot to me. At least we were all safe and warm. That was a lot more than many people had at the time. 
But when Jared’s parents found out that I was stranded they came and got me in their 4 wheel drive truck and brought me home. I made it home just after 8:00 to spend the night in my own warm bed with my family. We spent the next three days playing in the snow, drinking hot chocolate, making snow cream, watching movies, and reading by the fire. 

Lil’ Jokers

I overheard the kids playing tonight and this was their conversation.

L1- Liam, you are so funny.
L2- Yeah.
L1- Liam, tell me a joke but don’t say the words fart, or butt, or wiener, or poop.
L2- Ummmmmmm.


Driving home one afternoon after picking up the kids from school and Nanny’s house Liam and I had this conversation.

L- Mom, are we on the road?
S- Yes, Liam we are on the road.
L- Why?
S- Because we drive on the road.
L- Not on the sidewalk?
S- No, we do not drive on the sidewalk.
L- Why?
S- Because we walk on the sidewalk. It is a sideWALK.
L- Hmmmm. But we can walk on the road.
S- Yes, we can.
L- But we cannot drive on the sidewalk.
S- Correct.
L- Hmmmmm. We can skip on the sidewalk.
S- Yes, Liam, we can.
L- We can skip on the road.
S- Yep.
L- Hmmmmm. But we cannot drive on the sidewalk.

Just when I thought this conversation would never end and imagining Liam in 5th grade being one of THOSE kids, he started making fart noises and the conversation was over. At least we know he can think for himself. . . And make some killer fake fart noises. Okay, he may be one of THOSE kids! 


The boys were making dinner tonight and this was their conversation.

L- Dad, do puppies go to th-chool?
J- NO! Do ducks go to school?
L- NO! (as he laughs the most contagious laugh ever)
L- But mine armpits can go to th-chool.
J- Um. . . okay.
L- When I am big like Goothie, mine armpits will go to th-chool with me.
J- Cool.