Princess Aspirations

Liam is going through some separation anxiety and does not like to stay in nursery by himself anymore. Jared usually goes in with him for a while and then Liam chills with one of us the rest of church. Today we were setting up the primary room before primary started and Lydia asked to be the reverent child. So I got out the reverent child crowns and gave her one. Liam, of course, wanted to do exactly what Lydia was doing. So I gave him one too. He walked around the room saying “I’m a pwincess. I’m a weal pwincess!” He was happier than a pig in slop, that boy! Well, the time came when the children were coming into primary and Liam had to give another child the crown. As the older boy put the crown on his head, giant crocodile tears welled up in Liam’s eyes. Looking up at him he said, choking back the tears, “I guess I won’t be a pwincess anymore.” Jared cracked up and took him, sobbing about not being a princess anymore, to nursery. Bless his heart! 

^^^And this is the image that I posted on Instagram right before we left for church. Sigh. ^^^

Be Mine!

Even though the county school system was closed today, L’s private school decided to hold classes anyway so that the kids could do their Valentine stuff. Lydia was super excited. She and Daddy spent a lot of time on her box. She requested a dog and rainbow with glitter. I say they did a fine job! She was proud of it. We took Lydia to school for a little bit to party with her class. 

Liam and I went with Daddy to work and walked to breakfast, just the two of us, while Daddy worked.  Some of the roads are still a little icy and my car is acting funny. But I had to get out of the house! We spent much of the morning jamming in the car to music waiting on Daddy.

Then we picked Lydia up from school and went to lunch. I swear I spent more time in the bathroom with the two little lovies than I did at the table. Oh, the joys! One time when we were in there. .  .one of the many times when they both said they needed to go, but no one but me actually went. . . yeah, Liam had a lot to say.

L2- Mom, I can see your butt.
S-Yes, Buddy, we are in the bathroom and I have to pee. Close your eyes.
L2- Mom, I can still see your butt!
S- Hush, Liam.
L2- Mom, you don’t have a wiener.
S- No, Liam, I do not. HUSH!
L2- Boys have wieners, but moms do not. MOMS. DO. NOT.

And it went on and on in the freakishly tiny stall where we were basically all touching each other the entire time. Good times. And there were several more returns just like this. I should have just taken my meal in there.

After this pleasant meal experience, Daddy went to work and the kids and I came home. Lydia went through all of her Valentines from school and shared an obscene amount of candy with her brother. 

Daddy surprised us with a crab boil for dinner and key lime pie for dessert. Yum-o! It was a wonderful day together. Jared and I are celebrating tomorrow in Atlanta- a trip to the temple and lunch somewhere fun. So much love around here and so much to be thankful for! We are blessed! 

Snow days round 2

Okay, now, we’ve had enough. We are ready for spring, or even summer. Goodbye winter! You stink!

With the threat of snow and ice again, the school system called it Monday afternoon before anything hit. They were not going to risk the events that took place two weeks ago. A little snow fell Tuesday and then a lot of ice Wednesday morning followed by a night full of more snow. I am so ready to get out of this house! The kids have had fun playing in it though. We made a snowman this time. And our petite, pretty, little girl gave him a wiener. . . out of snow. True story, folks. I guess she really wanted everyone to know he was a snowMAN!

We made lots of yummy food and decorated Valentine cookies. It was fun, but enough is enough already! We want to get out! 

Things that are big

***WARNING*** This story is a PG13 kind of story. Only my children! If you do not share our rude, crude, and unrefined sense of humor you may want to skip this one. And the title makes it a little worse. But in the words of Lydia Grace “You know how we are!”  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Jared was taking Lydia to school this morning and Liam to Grammy’s house. For some reason he gave them both a giant marshmallow to eat on the ride. First off, a giant marshmallow at 8:00 in the morning? Why? My guess is that the car ride would be a lot quieter. Our kids like to talk. A lot. A lot. A lot. Half way to school Lydia decided that she did not want hers and handed it to Jared who popped the whole thing in his mouth. And then this happened, folks!

LG- Whoa, Daddy! How can you put that whole thing in your mouth?
J- I have a big mouth.
LT- Yeah, Daddy. You have a big mouth and a HUGE wiener!

And the whole car erupted in laughter, Jared almost choking to death on his marshmallow.

Jared pulled into the parking lot at school, turned to Goosie and threatened, “DO NOT REPEAT ANY OF THAT AT SCHOOL!!!!!”

We’re gross like that

I overheard this conversation today and almost wish I hadn’t . Haha!

L2- Goothie, wanna come th-ee mine poop?
L1- No thanks. . . (as she is skipping and twirling around) . . . Well, actually okay. . . Oh, Liam, that is so gross! Some of it is gray. What did you eat, boy?
L2- I don’t knnnooooowwwww.
L1- Well that is a-gusting, but good job. 

Then Lydia walks into my room. I am chuckling.
S- Ewwww, Lydia! I cannot believe you went to look at his poop.
L1- Yep. We are gross like that. You know how we are!