Rock City

The kids and I went to Rock City today with Nanny Pants and had a blast! It was a great little trip to end spring break! 

The other man

So Jared and I went to the movies last night. After guzzling our big gulps, we had to pee. Seriously. .  .How is a small drink flipping 40 ounces?!?!?!  I hate missing part of the movie so I held it until I was in severe pain. Then I had to go. I read the book so I didn’t feel like I really missed much. Then Jared decided to go. When he came back in he moseyed his way up to the row just in front of me, sat down in the chair right in front of me, turned to the dude who he thought was me- literally centimeters away from the dude’s face, and leaning all in to him asks “So, what did I mi. . . .” The look of shock from both of them was priceless. He apologized, hung his head in shame, and came back to sit by me. I was DYING! The family in front of us was cracking up. The poor kid was about 15 and I am sure he could smell the popcorn on Jared’s breath. It was so funny. That, however, made me miss about 20 minutes of the movie from laughing.  Never a dull moment, y’all!