How does it work?

I just got schooled by my two year old.  Liam asked me today if the toilet had a battery. Perplexed I answered “no, why?” Then this conversation happened. . .

LT- Then is it plugged in?
S- No.
LT- Then how does it work? Then how does it fwush?
S-Honestly, Buddy, I don’t know. Gravity, I think.  I have never really thought about it. Ask Daddy. 


The kids were playing together tonight when things got a little out of hand. Liam was getting too rowdy and kicked Lydia in the stomach. She cried and cried. I put Liam in time out. When I got him out of time out I had him apologize to her. “I’m thorry,” he sang jumping around. I encouraged him hold still and be serious and look her in the eye and apologize and tell her what he was sorry for. It took a while and several more threats to go back to time out but he finally managed “I’m thorry for kicking you.” I am trying to get them to communicate better so I had Lydia tell Liam how it made her feel with sincere hopes that then he’d care. With giant tears in her eyes and her little hands on Liam’s shoulders she said “It made me feel really sad when you kicked me. And it hurt me really bad.” Thinking that he possibly had a change of heart, I asked “Do you like making your sister feel this way?” “YES!!!!!!” he exclaimed jumping up and down. Sigh. Trying not to laugh, I thumped him in the chest and said “You are so naughty sometimes!” Well, that did it. He grabbed his chest and staggered backwards theatrically. He poked out that bottom lip about as far as he could and said very dramatically “You spanked me in the heart!” I about died! One. I barely touched you. Two, I have never, ever spanked you. And three, I see an academy award in your future! 
WOW! He knows exactly how to make me laugh every time. 

Bath Water

I feel like ever since we brought little man home from the hospital we have had bath time issues. Tonight was no different. I plopped them in and sat down on the bathroom floor to talk to them. They are hilarious and we have some of our best conversations when they are contained in the bath tub. Immediately they both peed. Liam stands and warns Goosie. She grabs a princess cup and catches it mid-stream and then dumps it in the water as they both laugh. One day I’ll care. Then Liam took a princess cup. (Shocking, eh?) He filled it up with bath water and asked “Who wants some water?” No one. The answer is no one, Liam. I told him that no one was allowed to drink the pee pee bath water.

LT- But, Mom, it’s only a wittle pee.
S- Gross. No. You are not drinking that.
LT- Mom, go away.
S- I am not going away so that you can drink the bath water.
LT- Mom, just go out.
S- No, Liam, I will not go out so that you can drink the pee pee bath water.
LT- Go out, Mom.
LT- (in his most sincere voice) Mom, I fink you fordot to wash the dishes!
S-Liam, I am not going to go wash the dishes so that you can drink that water. Forget about it!
LT- Mom, I fink you need to do the waundry.
S-Liam, give it up! You are not drinking the bath water!

What a little booger! Too much going on in that head! He’s a thinker! How do they come up with this stuff?

Mother’s Day

Blurry, but today it’s as good as it gets. I love these two so much. I cherish every single minute I get to spend with them.