to put my heart at ease

The first day back after summer break is exhausting! When I picked the kids up after work Liam would not look at me or talk to me. He was mad at me for leaving and holding a grudge. That’ll make you feel like a super great mom. Sigh. He wanted nothing to do with me. He sulked around all afternoon. Every time I spoke to him he quickly turned his head and grunted. Until. . . Until he asked Jared for more ice cream. Daddy said no. Mommy bribed the baby. I realize that both of things are no-no’s when it comes to parenting, bribing and going against your partner, however, it made me feel better. Plus, I never get to be the good guy, the yes man, so I jumped all over the opportunity. I told Liam that if he would give me a big hug and stop being mad at me I’d get him a second bowl of ice cream. It worked. He was my pal for the rest of the night. I hope he transitions quickly. I felt like crap! 

still lisping

Liam and Lydia were running around tonight goofing off. After a bit of squealing and chasing each other around the house we heard Lydia cry. Liam walked in the kitchen looking pretty pleased with himself. “What did you do?” I asked. Smiling with all the pride in the world he pronounced “I thitted on her.” I about died! Jared’s eyes were as big as saucers as Liam pompously stated again “I thitted on her.” Now he thought he was super cool because I was laughing so hard, and you know how he loves to be funny.  I asked him about ten more times what he did just so I could hear him say it before I corrected his grammar. “You SAT on her, Liam, you SAT on her. Sitted is not a word. Go apologize and be nice to your sister.”  That lisp. So dang cute. 

a little bit of heaven

Last night I was snuggling Liam to sleep and he looked up at me with big, tired eyes and said “You are the best Mommy ever. Thank you for being mine.” I melted right there. How did I get so lucky? 

Home Sweet Home

We got yard of the month while we were away. It was revoked before we got home, but hey, here’s the proof.  The humidity feels so good on my skin! And the southern hospitality, oh, the southern hospitality! It seems so normal to me but when you travel you realize that it is not like that everywhere. Yesterday Jared and I went to dinner and on our way out it was pouring down rain, thundering and lightning, and a man still held the door open for both of us to exit before he entered and he was getting soaked! His momma raised him right, I tell you! I hope I can teach Lydia and Liam to be like that! Then today my mom and I took Lydia school shopping at the mall. At one point Lydia and I got a cookie and sat among a bunch of men in a sitting area waiting for my mom. We took the last available seats.  As soon as she approached us a man got up and offered her his seat. We sat there for what seemed like eternities waiting for Goose to finish her cookie and two more women walked up at different times and two more gentlemen got up to let them have their seats. So sweet! It restored my faith in human kind! Because in Utah last week Lydia and I were leaving Subway in Walmart, I was holding Lydia on my hip and we were both holding food and drinks and I was pushing a cart. We were struggling. I was trying to exit out of the EXIT doors and people of all kinds were storming in, pushing right past us. Grown men. Teenagers. Moms with kids. Not one single person was considerate or stepped to the side or tried to help or even get out of our way. So rude! We also went to a store where the man checking us out was texting and never even glanced up from his phone. How is that acceptable? And in another northern state we were riding in the back of a crowded trolley and an elderly lady made it almost all the way to the back before anyone offered her a seat or assisted her. Unacceptable! People are cray-cray! A little bit of common decency will go a long way, y’all! Help a neighbor out. Hold the door for someone. Say please and thank you. Let the old lady have your seat. Smile for heaven’s sake! It’s good to be home! 

17 days

17 days is too long to be away from home. Although we had a blast, after about a week, I’m ready to come home! Upon returning to our glorious home our refrigerator smelled like something crawled up in it and died! It is so nasty. I have cleaned it out and I cannot get the smell out. We have an open box of baking soda in there. I threw away anything that even looked like it might be stinky one day. It still smells! So Jared, wanting so badly to remedy the problem because I refuse to eat or drink anything from that stench hole, read online somewhere that if you soak a piece of bread in vinegar and put it in your fridge it will take all the bad smells away. I’d like to shoot the person in the foot that thought of this grand idea! I’m gagging just typing this. Jared did it and now instead of just smelling like a dead buffalo every ten seconds my kids open it to see if something yummy has magically appeared, it smells like a dead buffalo that has been soaking in vinegar for a week! Still gagging. I can handle a lot of gross things: boogers, poop, snot, blood, bugs, snakes. . . no problem. But the slightest smell of vinegar sends me running and gagging in the opposite direction. I loathe the smell of vinegar. You see, when I was a kid my grandma had gout in her feet and she thought that if she soaked her feet in vinegar that it would make them better. And have mercy, I hope it provided her with some kind of relief because the pain we all had to endure because of it was beyond nauseating. The whole house smelled of old, footy vinegar. And she would leave the giant pot of foot soaked vinegar on the wood burning stove, so when that bad boy got all heated up, woooooweeeeee, you were in for inner nostril party! So, yeah, anything that even slightly resembles the smell of vinegar makes my stomach churn. And if my kids open that fridge one more time before Jared gets home. . .