Love is. . .

Letting your husband live his dream. I introduce you to Veronica, his new love. He has been wanting a motorcycle for a long time. And even though it does make me nervous, I know that I cannot live in fear. Heck, what doesn’t make me nervous these days. Sending kids to school in this crazy world. Terrifying. Rumors of an Ebola pandemic. Freaking scary. Planes falling out of the sky and lost as we know it. Um, no. So, I decided that it was a good time to suck it up and let the man ride. He is happy which makes me happy.




Pumpkin Patch and the Falls

We took our annual trip to Burt’s and Amicalola this weekend. Nan & Pop, Gabriel, Em & Phil, and Jo joined us this year. It was so fun! Lydia picked out a perfectly pink pumpkin and a ghost white baby pumpkin “with tiny freckles just like me” she said. Liam toted around two little plump orange pumpkins. 
^^^Gotta use a walking stick like Papa Great “cause I don’t walk so well” Liam said.^^^


This was our third week of soccer. Jared is coaching both of the kids’ teams and it is possibly the cutest thing ever! All of the kids LOVE him! Even kids from the other team were holding his hand and jumping on him during the game yesterday.

Liam has done really well in the practices for the past two weeks, but once the game started, the tears flowed. He just cried the entire game for the first two weeks. I tried to be firm and tell him he was a part of a team and that he needed to go play. I tried to be super loving and just hold him and let him cry. I went out on the field with him holding his hand. Nothing worked. Just when I was thinking that we put him in too young or that maybe soccer just wasn’t for him, I realized something. He has spent his whole life being told to be kind, share, and take turns. During practice each kid has his or her own ball to do drills with. Then suddenly, we throw them all out on a field with one ball and encourage them to take it away from each other and not share. Liam did not like this. So this week we watched lots of soccer videos and talked about the game more. I am happy to announce that this week was much better. He played the game and got really into it. He smiled! He had fun! Poor little sensitive buddy just didn’t understand. Hopefully now that we have clarified, he will enjoy the rest of the season.

Lydia, on the other hand, has loved it! She spends the majority of time on the field jumping and skipping behind her teammates as they run the ball down the field, her long legs flying all over the place. Last week she got the ball and kicked it down the entire field in the wrong direction and then turned to face us, jumped in the air, and gave us two huge thumbs up. She was so proud. Everyone was laughing as she proceeded to give us an air high-five like she had just scored a goal in the world cup. She is a little bit enthusiastic! She can be a little timid on the field. On several occasions she has run up to kick the ball during a game and as a kid from the other team comes up she just kinda steps out of the way and lets them take it, like ‘Oh, here you go. You can have a turn now.’ I was going to tell her that the soccer field is not the place to be so nice, but I decided against it. That’s just her, sweet and thinking of others. I’m just gonna let her do her thing. I certainly don’t want to squash that. 

^^^He is super good at cheering his sister on!^^^