Life from Liam’s eyes

Here is what I found out from looking through Liam’s camera feed. He loves taking pictures of. . .

1. Himself

2. Roxy’s butthole

3. Me (mostly looking crazy)

4. The toilet and its contents

I am not sure how I feel being a part of this list. Flattered? Scared? I’m just not sure. I have spared you a lot in choosing photos to share! A lot, I tell you! But here is a peek through Liam’s eyes.


DSC00253 DSC00260

DSC00305 DSC00303

DSC00294 DSC00290

DSC00288 DSC00276

DSC00314 DSC00344

DSC00361 DSC00362

DSC00363 DSC00376

DSC00475 DSC00436

DSC00419 DSC00410

DSC00386 DSC00384

DSC00489 DSC00492

DSC00493 DSC00496

DSC00521 DSC00523

DSC00559 DSC00545

DSC00543 DSC00539

DSC00536 DSC00534


Grammy and Grandpa visit

Grammy and Grandpa came to visit! The kids were in heaven. They kept them busy with a million games of Monopoly Jr. and bike rides around and around the neighborhood. We sure enjoyed having them here and hope they can come back soon! The kids sure do miss them! And I should have taken more pictures!





New Year

Ringing out the old and in the new with our New Year’s Eve traditions . . . ice cream for dinner and a glow in the dark dance party! Grammy and Grandpa were here to celebrate with us which made it extra special. Here’s to a fabulous 2015!