Memorial Day 2015

I am so thankful to live in “The Land of the Free, Because of the Brave”! I am so grateful for all of the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice so that my family and I can have the freedoms that we enjoy. Thank you is not enough!

We spent the morning picking strawberries at a farm in North Georgia with friends. We all had a great time.

And now Jared is up in the playroom with the kids playing board games so that I can edit pictures and update the blog. I can hear Liam belly laughing between the loud claps of thunder and the pouring Georgia rain. Some of the best sounds ever!







Field Day

Daddy and Liam volunteered for Lydia’s field day and had a great time. Lydia was really into tug-of-war, in case you can’t tell. Go, Goosey!