Liam Tige,

Happy Birthday to my bestest little buddy! I know I say this every year, but I cannot believe that you are four! My baby is FOUR! I could have not picked a better little boy to call my own. You are perfect for me and for our family. Heavenly Father knew I needed a snuggly little guy. You give the best loves (when I can get you to). You are so ha-ware-we-us (as you say it). You make us laugh every day. I love your sensitive little heart. I am constantly amazed at your deeps thoughts and acquisitions. You ask the best questions and make us all think. You make me proud every day. I cannot wait to see the boy, young man, and gentleman you grow up to be. If you are this amazing now, I can only imagine! I love you, Liam, more than my arms can ever reach! Happy birthday to the best boy ever!

Love, Mommy



They are so lucky to have each other! I love how they adore each other. You can see from Lydia’s face when she looks at him the love she has for him, even when he is harassing her relentlessly! These two melt my heart. P.S. Daddy thought it was a good idea to put princess stamps on their hands the day before pictures. Thanks, babe!







^^^Typical Liam!^^^

Father’s Day

These kiddos are blessed with the best Daddy ever! I am so thankful for him and the great example he is to our kids. They see him work hard and play hard, serve others, and hold the priesthood. We are so lucky! We spent the day spoiling him!




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And this is what the kids had to say about him. . .

  1. What is something your Daddy always says to you?

Lydia- Time for bed or I love you

Liam- Let’s go outside

  1. What makes Daddy happy?

Lydia- snuggling me, I think

Liam- riding on horses

  1. What makes Daddy sad?

Lydia- not seeing us

Liam- crying

  1. How does your dad make you laugh?

Lydia- tickling me

Liam- jumping in the air

What was you dad like as a child?

Lydia- a cow milker

Liam- a teenager

  1. How old is your dad?



  1. How tall is your Dad?

Lydia-whoa. I think 29.

Liam- uhhh. . . that tall (pointing to the door)

  1. What is his favorite thing to do?

Lydia- play with me

Liam- climb mountians

  1. What does your Daddy do when you are not around?

Lydia- I don’t know. I have no clue.

Liam- whatever he wants to do

  1. If your Dad becomes famous what will it be for?

Lydia- his work

Liam- climbing trees

  1. What is your dad really good at?


Liam- watching movies

  1. What is your dad not really good at?

Lydia- This is super hard.

Liam- drinking

  1. What does your dad do for a job?

Lydia- puts TV’s in restaurants and shops and haircut places

Liam- Working. Yep. Working.

  1. What is your dad’s favorite food?

Lydia-salad and sushi

Liam-La Bamba’s food

  1. What makes your daddy proud?

Lydia-doing something I don’t know how to do yet

Liam-when I do jumping jacks

  1. If your dad was a character, who would she be?

Lydia- Kristoph

Liam- Olaf, only if he was made out of snow

  1. What do you and your dad do together?

Lydia-play games

Liam- go on bike rides

  1. How are you and your dad the same?

Lydia- we both like “aminal” movies

Liam- we are both boys

  1. How are you and your dad different?

Lydia-He likes aliens and I don’t.

Liam- I get balloons and he doesn’t

  1. How do you know your dad loves you?

Lydia- I don’t know.

Liam- That is a tricky one.

  1. What does your dad love most about your mom?

Lydia- he just loves Mommy

Liam-because sometimes she drives

  1. What is your dad’s favorite place to go?

Lydia-um. . . this is too hard. Work.

Liam- Disney World

  1. How old was your dad when you were born?

Lydia- 31

Liam- um. . . 16


Ten  years? It is hard to believe that we have been married ten years. It seems like just yesterday, but at the same time it feels like we have been together forever. I wouldn’t want to spend eternity with anyone else. I love you, babe! We spent the weekend in Atlanta without the kids (a huge ordeal for me). We went ice skating, went to a tapas bar for the dueling pianos show, saw Jurassic World, and had a great weekend together!

I asked Jared what I look like ice skating. . . he said an old lady. Man! I thought I was doing a good job! Haha. It was super fun, but I’m about as coordinated as Phoebe Buffay or Lydia Grace Erni. Bless my heart.