Farewell Summer

The summer flew by so fast! There were no big road trips or major vacations for us this summer and it still went by way too fast! We spent our days playing at the pool with cousins, aunties, and Nana. There were movie days and jumpy parks. Lunches and lounging. We are sad to see it end!















Grammy and Grandpa visit

The highlight of the kids summer would probably be when Grammy and Grandpa visited. While they were here we picked blueberries and made lots of yummy treats. We had Grammy a birthday party. We went to parks and the lake. We went to the farmer’s market. We had lots of fun. It was sad to see them go.






Lydia Grace,

Okay, we can slow down time now! Happy sixth birthday to the best girl I know. Lydia, you fill our lives with so much joy. I am so glad you are mine. Every year I am more and more impressed with the sweet girl that you are and who you are becoming. No matter what situation you are put in, you are kind and thoughtful. I love the way you think about others and empathize with them. You see the best in people and are so happy-go-lucky. You are a great example to others. I love that you can be so independent, yet get along with everyone too. You are super smart and love learning. You are creative and imaginative. You are a problem solver and a little thinker. You are beautiful inside and out. I am so thankful that Heavenly Father trusted me with you. I am proud to call you mine. Happy birthday to the best girl a mom could ask for! I love you, Lydia, more than my arm can ever reach! Hope your day is the best!

Love, Mommy


calling all mermaids and pirates

A few weeks ago I took the kids to The Children’s Museum. We parked in the parking deck and as soon as we got out of the car thunder rumbled so loud it shook the ground. Great. The forecast was clear that morning. We tried to walk to the museum but the rain was coming down in sheets, the cloud to ground lightning was terrifying, and the thunder shook everything. I was keeping calm, cool, and collected but Liam was freaking out! We waited it out and then walked to the park (because they were not letting more people into the museum). Then it came again! Liam spazzed again. Since then he has been completely petrified of storms, rain, or even dark clouds. He tells me several times a day “Mom, check the weather on your phone and tell me if there is going to be dark clouds.”

So the day before their pool party the forecast was calling for 80% chance of thunderstorms. I told the kids that it might storm at their party and we would not be able to swim. Storm?!?!? Liam was not going to have that. So he said a special prayer that went like this “Heavenwy Fader, please tell Jesus to put his magic on the weather and take away the storms and let it be a sunny, sunny day with no dark cwouds.” He said a prayer like this several times on the day of the party too as storms were blowing through all day. The storm that was supposed to hit right at party time either blew through earlier or never came at all. About 30 minutes before the party the sky cleared up, the dark clouds diminished, and we were able to have their little party free of rain and thunder and best of all free of fear!  Last night Liam thanked Heavenly Father and Jesus for “taking away the storms and dark cwouds”. I love that Heavenly Father loves us enough to answer a 4 year old’s prayer. And I love the faith that this little 4 year old has.

They had a great time at their party. Thanks to all who came to celebrate and for all the help from my mom and sisters. They are the best!

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^^^Cutest pirate ever!^^^




^^^Nan and I made her mermaid tail. She never takes it off. ^^^









^^^Nanny spent weeks making all of these little mermaid dolls that I am still swooning over! ^^^



^^^I may or may not have caught the 6 on fire. Oops!^^^




^^^Not a fan of thunder or fire !^^^




^^^Uncle Phil pulled this train of cousins forever. Faster, Unc, Faster! ^^^