Read and learn, friends. Read and learn.

Liam has adjusted really well to school this year. He loves it and has really come out of his shell there. He is learning a lot and making friends every day. We are so proud of him. Today when I picked him up I asked him what he did today. He was so excited to tell me about recess, of course. He was all “I played a really fun game at recess today.” Excited for him, I was like “Cool, Buddy. What did you play?” Then he explained. . .

L2- We played sneaker-toot. It’s where the boys sneak up on girls, point to them, wink, and say ‘toot’.

S- Um. . . wow. Why do you say “toot”?

L2- To make the girls laugh.

S- Great. Where did you learn to play this game?

L2- I made it up and taught my friends how to play.

S- Wonderful. You made it up. Great.

L2- And when we go down the slide we have to say “fart, fart, fart, fart, until we get to the bottom.

S- Really? Please don’t say fart at school.

L2- It makes people laugh. My teacher can’t hear me.

Not the point, Liam, not the point. I am not really sure what I should think about this. He is a good leader. He is creative. Or he will get people to laugh by doing anything. He thinks it is okay because the teacher cannot hear him? My, oh, my. What to do with this boy?