Liam has a serious case of the rights! Everything he says he asks “Right?” immediately following.
I’m hungry. Right?
Roxy is acting like a dodo. Right?
Lydia is in first grade. Right?
I have to pee. Right?
Half the time I’m all I don’t know. Are you hungry? Do you have to pee? Then if he says something wrong like “It will snow tomorrow. Right?” and you try to correct him, he just repeats himself louder and says “RIGHT???? RIGHT???” until you agree. There is no point in trying to correct him anymore. I just say right to everything. This is a fun stage. Right? It will end soon. Right? I am not going to lose my mind. Right?

Thanksgiving 2015

We have so much to be grateful for today and always. I am grateful for my beautiful family. For my hard-working husband. For Lydia and Liam who bring me so much joy. I am thankful for my Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am thankful for my awesome parents and sisters (and their families) and all the in-laws too. I am thankful for the freedoms we have in this great country. I am thankful for our health and strength. I am thankful for a job that I love (most days, anyway). I am thankful for plenty of food and clean water, for air conditioner, and good cars. I am thankful that we have more than we really need and can vacation with our family.

Liam- “I have so many I can’t even tell you!” Well just try. “You and Daddy. Madi. My toys. Santa and Christmas. Buddy the Elf.  Playing outside. And Goosey!”

Lydia- “Mommy. Daddy. Liam. Food. Water. Christmas. And Buddy the Elf.”

Daddy- “My wife-someone to love. My skids that make me laugh. My family who support me. The Gospel to keep me on track.  Our home to live in. Our jobs to provide. Good health. Good friends. Cheers.”

After our trip to the beach we had a super low key Thanksgiving at our house with Nan and Papa. It was perfect! My favorite was the name plates Lydia did as she set the table.


Thanks Em, for the video!


Mustache contest 2015


coloring our own kites!



Nan made these awesome lapgans for the rug-rats





These two are BFF’s!







What is love?

I was sitting at the table next to Liam as he was eating a snack. He was wearing his new snugly flannel footie jammies. He has not worn jammies like these since he was a baby because he gets too hot and freaks out in the middle of the night. But he and Lydia have been begging for some so I decided to try them out again. I love it because they look like little, snugly babes again. Anyway, I leaned over and kissed him and told him I loved him. Here’s what happened that melted my heart.

S- I love you, Buddy.

L2- I love you too.

S- What does it mean to love someone?

L2- (after thinking for a while) It means your heart really likes them.

S- Well, my heart really likes you.

L2- Mine too.