Lydia is all limbs. Tall and skinny with arms and legs for days! She came home one day and proceeded to throw her hands on the floor as the rest of her lanky body flailed around. I was all what in the world is she trying to do? She explained that she was trying to do a handstand. Oh. Wow. Then she explained that she and her friends practice this every day at recess. Every day, y’all. And people can see. And her teacher probably sees. Y’all. Seriously. It began more like a mule kick. But this little booger has practiced every day for weeks. At recess for the world to see. At home until her wrists are sore. At Nanny’s house. All the time. A little bit of her mama’s embarrassment ain’t gonna get this girl down! And she is proof that practice makes perfect. After throwing her little, string bean body around for hours a day she can do an almost perfect handstand. Gymnastics here we come! That is what she has decided she wants to do next year after ballet is over. If she is still this into it then, I guess that is what we shall do. Bless her heart. I’m so proud of her determination and self-confidence. I need to be more like her. Love you, Goosey Girl!