answered prayers

One night I woke up in the middle of the night and could hear Liam in the bathroom. I went in there and he was kneeling over the toilet in perfect puking positing, crying. With tears in his eyes he looked up at me and asked, “Mom, when is my prayer going to work?” Break my heart! Poor baby! Thank goodness his prayer was answered shortly after he vomited and he was back to his normal self soon.

Grammy and Grandpa Visit

Grammy and Grandpa came to do early Christmas with us. We had a great time while they were here. We made cookies and lots of bread. We ate hibachi for lunch one day and went to the park in this insanely warm weather. We spent a day at Lego Land too. It was a great visit.









First tooth




Lydia lost her first tooth. Waaaahhhhhh! My baby is growing up! She is so darn excited, but it is bittersweet for this Mama. She rode around in the car for a few days prior to losing it holding a bag under her mouth. I tried to tell her that her tooth would not just jump out of her face, but she wanted to be sure she did not lose it. The night Daddy helped her pull it was super dramatic. No, super dramatic is an understatement. The tooth was literally just hanging by one little thread and she was flipping out. She wouldn’t pull it and she would not let anyone touch it. They were in the bathroom for at least an hour, her tooth just hanging there. Finally Daddy coaxed her into moving it with her tongue and it fell out. And the darn tooth fairy left her $5 and a note. Apparently she uses the teeth to make pixie dust for all the fairies. Who knew?