Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2015

Best Day Ever! We love Disney but especially Mickey’s Christmas Party! Endless hot chocolate and cookies, no waiting in lines to ride rides, and the magical feeling as soon as you walk through the gate. . .  Take me back!!!

Liam’s favorite part was getting to play the beast and dancing with Bell in the play. It was so cute! He was quiet and a bit timid, but he secretly loved it! Lydia’s favorite part was the Peter Pan ride where we really got sprinkled with pixie dust and flew over London and Neverland. This was not Mommy’s favorite part because in line there was a rather large man in front of us and when we went through the tunnel to get pixie dust sprinkled on us Liam said “Whoa, he is gonna need a lot of pixie dust on him to make him fly!” as he pointed his little finger. Then a few minutes after we got pixie dust sprinkled on us Liam said “I think that some pixie dust got down my pants because my butt itches.” LIAM!!! STOP TALKING!!!












Sea World Christmas 2015

We decided to go back to Sea World for Christmas this year. The lights and shows were amazing! We took Nana with us this year and we all had a blast! I am ready to go back already!


I have been trying to video more so I did not get any pictures, but here are some from Daddy and Nanny.



As Lydia was doing her homework one night she said to me, “Mom, this is not a good eraser. It is running out of erase!” Durn, L, durn! I just giggled.


The other day when Liam came home from school. . .

L2-Mom, I said a prayer at school today.

S- Good, Buddy.

L2- I said it in my head, you know, so no one could hear me.

S- That is great, Buddy. You can always say a prayer when you feel sad, or scared, or lonely.

L2- No, I said this prayer- Dear Jesus, Please help me to not have to poop at school. And then it went away. (as he threw his hands up like he does after he does a magic trick)

Well, Liam, I have uttered that prayer many, many times! As a matter of fact, in high school I had a stack of pre-signed excuse notes in the glove compartment in my car just for that very reason. Except they did not say I was leaving to poop; they said I was not feeling well. The only stipulation was that if I left school to come home and poop, I had to call Nanny and let her know so that she knew where I was. I feel your pain, Buddy, pooping at school is no good!