This morning was regional conference and when Liam asked if it was church, I told him yes, but explained that he would not go to primary because it was a special conference. He jumped up and asked so excitedly, “It’s President Monson day?” These kids amaze me every day. Their great faith and excitement strengthens me daily. He is only four, yet he was excited for “President Monson day” and recognizes General Conference as something special.

Liam knows

Liam is really into superheroes and magical powers. Every day he is explaining some kind of new power he has. At school the other day he was telling his teacher all about his magical powers. She told him that she didn’t think she had any powers. After thinking for a minute Liam responded to her, “I know why you don’t have any powers. You don’t have powers because you don’t have any patience.” Um. . . BURN. And when the teacher tells you this (laughing- thank goodness) what are you supposed to do? I apologized and laughed with her.

anatomically correct . . . or not

We built this. And by we, I mean I. I built this. For Liam. I hate building things like this for the record. And while cursing under my breath for having a stupid extra bone left after I thought I was finished, Liam says to me “It’s okay, Mom. Maybe it’s his wiener.”